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The Busy Parent’s Guide To Piano Lessons

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About Mrs. Kristen

Piano teacher. Mom. Sports nut.

Can we talk parent to parent?

As a mom of 3 busy kids myself, I know you don't have a lot of time to sort through pages and pages of information about piano lessons. But I also know there's important info you need right now.

So let me give you the quick run-down:

  • Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes.
  • Your child can make real progress in piano lessons by practicing for only a few minutes a day. (Yes, for real!)
  • A piano is ideal but an electronic keyboard is just fine for awhile.
  • Yes we still do scales & technical exercises but we incorporate it in a way that's relevant & engaging not just drill, drill, drill.

I know you have a lot more questions. I've put together this free guide called The Busy Parent's Guide To Piano Lessons and I'd love to send it along to you. It answers the most common questions I get from parents before they sign their kids up for piano lessons.

If you drop your name & email in the box below, I'll send it along to you.

*We won't share your information with anyone.

And if after you look over the guide you still have questions, please feel to contact me by phone or email. (Though, if I'm being totally honest, you're way more likely to get a quick & thorough answer from email than you are the phone.)

Let's chat soon!

Find The Program That's Right For You


Piano for Preschoolers

Best For: Ages 3-5

At The Taylor Studio, your preschooler learns to play the piano through fun, engaging lessons utilizing the Wunderkeys™ Piano for Preschoolers method books.

These lessons not only give your preschooler a great start at the piano but also help them build their math skills for Kindergarten!

What We Learn

  • Fine Motor Control
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Counting Skills
  • Music!
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Private Piano Lessons

Best For: Ages 6+

Private piano lessons are the real deal. Here, students are working one-on-one with the teacher to become the best musician they can be.

Each child's lesson plan is developed specifically for their needs and goals. We progress as quickly (or slowly) as your child needs and lay the ground work for a strong musician.

What We Learn

  • Music Theory (notes, rhythms, etc.)
  • Performance Skills
  • Composition & Improvisation
  • Goal Setting
  • Practice Skills
  • And so much more!
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All Of Our Lessons Teach

What Our Parents Have To Say

"Your Wunderkeys program is soooo amazing! I must admit some weeks we practice more than others but to hear actual songs now coming from the piano and her trying to teach her three year old brother to clap the proper notes is amazing!"

- Katy M.

Ready To Get Started?

If you're ready for your child to not just take piano lessons but to become an active participant in the process of making music in a low-pressure, supportive studio, then I'd love to meet you!

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If we are currently full, we will add you to our waiting list and will contact you once something opens up.

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